The Key to Successful and Lasting Weight Loss

INSULIN! INSULIN!! INSULIN!!! Controlling this hormone is the only way to lose weight and to successfully keep it off. I readily admit that anyone can lose weight on a ‘diet’ or with exercise. But do they keep it off? With my experience this is a big negative. Before switching to being fat-burners, I would see it time and time again. Clients would lose the weight, but the next time I saw them they would have put the weight back on (or even more). How many people do you know that have lost 100 pounds and kept it off for over 10 years? I have! And the best part of being a fat-burner is that it’s impossible for me to gain weight! Sounds like a gimic right? It’s not, control insulin and stop fighting the losing battle with food and addiction. What is insulin? We’ve looked at this before, but we’ll review. Insulin is a peptide that lets glucose into muscle and liver cells. What is glucose? Any carbohydrate that you consume (pasta, bread, fruit, potatoes, pastries, etc) are broken down into glucose. Glucose is sent to the liver and muscle cells to be stored as glycogen. Once these areas have had their fill of then the excess glucose is stored as fat. Here the glucose is detected by the pancreas, which responds by secreting insulin. Over time the liver and muscle cells can become resistant to insulin and the number and efficiency of the ‘receptor sites’ decreases. If insulin can’t get into it’s usually haunts then it hangs out in the blood stream, which cause the pancreas to sense too much glucose and respond by secreting MORE insulin. The cycle continues and the sites become even more resistant. This can lead to a myriad of health concerns: diabetes, plaque build-up, muscle cannibalizing, etc. Just think that insulin is what keeps you fat, and obesity creates disease and premature death, ultimately (look at diseases: heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s, and cancer all could be prevented by lifestyle). Well if this is the answer for successful for weight loss and to prevent modern disease, why doesn’t everyone live this way? Because food is addictive. Grains, starches, and sugars are addictive, it may sound ludicrous to some, but as most of America (old and young alike) is fat and overweight, it seems pretty logical to me. No matter your will, if you’re eating one of these three things your body (notably the brain) is going to respond by craving more. Think about it, after you eat a piece of cake three hours later you’re not munching on hard-boiled eggs, no you’re over there snacking on that bread or shoving some other sugary/sweet treat down your throat. Now if you were a fat-burner and not a sugar-burner and ate a piece of cake you would not have to worry, nor would you gain weight. I control my insulin levels by not consuming any foods that are going to spike their levels (this includes: breads, potatoes, bananas, watermelon, candy, pie, cake, beans, any of the 3 poisons). Low-glycemic fruits and vegetables are not going to spike my levels. So when I’m in maintenance mode and want that piece of cake on my birthday I don’t have to worry. It’s not going to be stored because my cells aren’t resistant. When I measure afterward I might see a spike in my lean body mass, but this correlates to the sugars filling my muscle cells. Once I resume my usual fat-burner lifestyle they will level back off, resuming their previous numbers and I remain the same percent body fat. Wow, how cool is that! I can’t say it enough controlling INSULIN is the key to successful and permanent fat loss. But as I will discuss sometimes in order to change we have to hear things repeatedly before it resonates with us or we have to change our thoughts in order to change our bodies. For more on our fat-burning programs check out our website at

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