Potassium: eat your greens for more!

I had intended to blog about something else today, but a discussion on Charlie Horses and potassium sparked an interest, so today we’ll look at potassium. Potassium, along with sodium and chloride, make up the family of electrolytes. About 95% of the potassium in your body is found within your cells, whereas most of the sodium and chloride are found outside. Potassium helps with both the degree to which muscles contract and the degree to which nerves become excitable. So it makes sense that part of the signs that indicate a need for more potassium is muscle weakness. Potassium is also involved in the storage of carbohydrates for fuel by the muscles and for proper pH and electrolyte balances. Signs that may indicate you need more potassium:

  • muscle weakness
  • confusion
  • irritability
  • regular, intense exercise

Now I know that most think that bananas are the only way to increase their potassium intake (and that was one of the comments made the other day ‘bananas are the only way I know to increase potassium and we can’t have bananas). So wrong, bananas were only listed as a good source and there were plenty of other vegetables that exceeded their measure. I do not eat bananas because they are too high glycemic. So without further adeu here are the top sources of potassium:

  • Excellent: chard, ciumini mushrooms, and spinach
  • very good: fenel, kale, mustard greens, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, eggplant, and tomato
  • good: parsely, cucumber, bell pepper, tumeric, ginger roots, strawberries, avocado, tuna, halibut, cauliflower, and cabbage

I think that this shows once again that a fat-burner weight loss eating plan, provides the essential minerals and nutrients that your body needs. For more on our weight loss programs check out our website at bodychange.net.

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