Eat real bacon and still lose weight

Oh Bacon, the oh so tasty pork product that makes virtually everything yummy, but has gotten a bad wrap in recent times. Today we’re going to try to clean up some of this reputation and restore your faith in this suckling product, so you can ditch the phony turkey bacon crap which you may try to convince yourself tastes better, but we all know that it does not (plus that’s what all the fat people eat because its low fat- which fat is what we love- and I stay clear of what all the fat people are grabbing at the store). First there’s captain obvious that bacon provides proteins, which you regularly have to feed your body because it does not store and fuels your muscles (which lean mass is so essential to weight loss and for overall health in general). Next let’s look at the fat concentration of bacon. Roughly 45% of the fat is mononunsaturated, mostly oleic acid like that found in olive oil (which of course makes it good right? because olive oil is our go-to fat of choice). Also bacon from pasture raised pigs contain the healthy saturated fats that are a precursor needed to make hormones, including sex and brain hormones (check past posts on the benefits of saturated fats). Other things about bacon:

  • one study on pregnant women found that when bacon and eggs were added to their diets it could boost the intelligence of their unborn children. As both are good sources of cholines which aids in the development of a baby’s memory, this explains the correlation.
  • Bacon contains sodium, which can become rapidly depleted under times of stress and is important for the adrenal glands.
  • Pork is generally a good source of B vitamins, which are needed for healthy response to stress and proper brain function.
  • Pasture raised pork products contain CLA, a type of fat that promotes fat loss and muscle gain.

Bacon gets a bad wrap for its nitrate (compounds used to preserve meat, but which is believed may cause cancer over time) and nitrite byproducts. Interestingly, the byproducts that may cause cancer, known as nitrosamines, are only found in overcooked bacon. Microwaved bacon have less nitrosamines than fried bacon. Conclusion on bacon: it’s not that bad and is another way to get in the protein that you’re supposed to be cycling and seeing as we’re fat-burners we don’t care about that either since its got a large percentage of monounsaturated fat. For more on our fat-burner weight loss programs check out our website at

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4 Responses to Eat real bacon and still lose weight

  1. Mmmm, bacon.

    I used to eat bacon every day with my eggs until it got to the point I hated eggs. I lost tons of weight while eating bacon and my blood pressure has gone down.

    Behold the power of bacon.

    The Grumpy Man

  2. rosi says:

    well this is really good to know! I was a eating a bowl of salad with some cheese and bacon and when my dad saw he said that the salad was good but the bacon mest it up… well i told him that at least its better than eating a plate of rice and chicken! And then he said that the bacon was worse… I guess I’ll just have to show him this!!

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  4. Shelly says:

    I am eating bacon, whole milk, butter and eggs and am losing weight. I get all my products from local farmers who feed their animals they way they are supposed to without chemicals. I wish I new I could have eaten bacon all along.

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