Ghrelin: the appetite hormone

We’re all looking to lose weight and be healthy correctly; that’s why you’re here right? Then why have most probably never heard of ghrelin. Well today I am going to explore this less popular hormone. It was first discovered by Japanese scientist in 1999. It is a hormone produced in the stomach that tells the brain that it needs food. Therefore it is in control of appetite. Doesn’t that seem pretty important since most of the population is either overweight or obese? Another interesting find of ghrelin is that increased levels not only increase appetite, but also favor the addition of visceral fatty tissue (gives you that spare tire around the middle, which is linked to increased blood pressure and a myriad of diseases). Worse is that this type of fatty tissue favors the formation of liver fat, which increases the risk of developing resistance to insulin (hello diabetes!). They’ve found that people who have lost weight through dieting had elevated levels of ghrelin (day and night); therefore they’re always having cravings. Of course doctors think that there needs to be a pill invented to decrease levels (that magic pill right), rather than looking for ways of naturally fixing it through eating and lifestyle. I haven’t read anywhere about eating and ghrelin, however, I have read that sleep has been linked to ghrelin production. Well that to me makes since. You know that sleep is one of my big topics. Americans lifestyles have changed the last few decades (not only with eating and the recommendation of ridiculously high levels of carbohydrates), but lives have gotten hectic. With chronic light and summer readily available, we’re able to stay awake longer than nature intended, so that we can get more ‘done’. With work and errands to run, who has time to sleep right? How people actually go to rest when its dark when their melatonin should be high and wakes in the morning once the sun and their serotonin is up? I would bet that most don’t. Before readily available electricity and electronics with colored rays that disable melatonin production, that’s what we did. Now we’ve jacked up our hormone levels, because sleep is when hormone levels are restored. So I believe that not only have we jacked up our appetite so that we’re ravenous beast, but also setting ourselves up for other imbalances and are truly fighting against our bodies. Much studying still needs to be done in the ghrelin department, but I don’t think that it hurts to think about it (plus it’s another good reason to get some more shut-eye, it can’t hurt right)! For more on our weight-loss programs check out our website at

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