Change Your Thoughts to Change Your Body

I firmly believe that you cannot change your body unless you change your thoughts. People are constantly walking through my doors telling me that they want to be thin, but do they really? If they did they would stick to it, or if they truly did it would be easy it wouldn’t hard. Do you want a millionaire dollars? If you did it would be easy, I’ll give you one and the you only have to go out and find one 999,999 more (like it says in the Tao: A tower nine stories high starts with one brick. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step). Most are mental masturbators going around claiming to want things, but then it fizzles or they use excuses to not get what they ‘want’. You can’t be thin if you don’t honestly want it or if you can’t envision it. I’ve made up my mind that I want to be 6%. Is that going to be hard, no, I want it and each week I continue to lower my body fat.  Last year I kept saying that I ‘wanted’ to, but obviously I didn’t because it didn’t happen, but as I get closer to 6% it seems so easy and possible (that’s another thing we often view things as impossible, with the right mindset anything is possible). There’s a great book out there called Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life by Dr. Wayne Dyer (I highly recommend, not just reading it but having your own copy to reaffirm the teachings, although the book Excuses Be Gone may be a good prerequisite), where he teaches and interprets the Tao to today. I learned some major thought patterns from Dr. Dyer. First off I wake up every morning and tell myself that today I am going to good and as Godlike as I can. I am going to do the best that I can on my eating today. Next I tell myself that I’m going to live this day like its my last (that these eggs are the last eggs I’ll ever eat-and I’ll tell you what each morning I have the best eggs of my life. The same with my workouts, each one is the best of my life because it’s the last time I’ll get to do it. People aren’t a hinderance and that slow car in front of me isn’t going to effect me). I’m aware, living in the present moment, because any moment can be the last so what does it matter what happened yesterday (so what you ate a cookie, right now I am not going to eat a cookie) or what could happen tomorrow (there is never a guarantee that there will be a tomorrow). Nothing is impossible and I can do anything! What do I want?

  • To be good each day
  • To be well (6%, no inflammation, live with no chronic disease, etc.)
  • Family

What do you want? What to do now to get it? Read the book and decide what it really is that you want, because you’ll always fight with your body (being off-center with your body and fighting with it, is not going to make you thin). When you decide that you truly want to be thin, then you will be, it’s that simple! To learn more about our Fat-Burner programs and how to get what you want visit our website at

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