Blackberries: a fat-burners weight loss fruit

Oh berries are a wonderful addition to any weight loss program and I feel like blackberries tend to be a little overlooked, so we’re going to show it some love today! We’ll start with the big one: blackberries are rich in polyphenols and anthocyanins (hence the color). These are great to protect against cancers and heart disease because they’re antioxidants that decrease free radical damage and inflammation. These aren’t the only antioxidants, blackberries are packed with vitamin C and E, and ellagic acid. They’re an astringent due to the increased level of tanin which:

  • tighten tissue
  • lessen minor bleeding
  • may help alleviate diarrhea and intestinal inflammation

Blackberries are a natural source of salicylate, the active substance found in aspirin. Something else that interesting is that they contain phytoestrogens. These are naturally occurring estrogen in plants that may help relieve symptoms of PMS (bloating and food cravings) and may relieve menopausal symptoms (hot flashes). Other nutrients:

  • rich and manganese and vitamin C (important for immunity)
  • good source of soluble fiber for digestive health
  • good source of pectin

See all the greatness that blackberries have! Consider adding them to your weight loss regiment now. Find out more on our fat-burner weight loss programs at

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