Spice up weight lose with vitamin C rich Paprika

Originating in South America, this spice is made of ground red peppers/chili peppers and bell peppers. It is a great source of vitamin C and therefore antioxidants as well. Paprika has up to 9 times as much vitamin C as a tomato. Sun-dried organic has the highest concentration. Paprika is rich is carotenoids (hence the color), which are antioxidants that work to reduce damaging free radicals that can cause inflammation and disease. The spiciness due to its concentration of capsaicin actually gives it further anti-inflammatory properties. Studies have shown promise in paprika helping to regulate blood pressure. It may help improve circulation, assist in digestion by normalizing acid in the stomach. Spice up your weight loss with a little paprika! For more on our weight loss programs check out bodychange.net.

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2 Responses to Spice up weight lose with vitamin C rich Paprika

  1. Raul Ganley says:

    I always take large doses of vitamin-C specially if it is flu season. Vitamin-C really enhances our immune system. ,.,;:

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  2. Dorris Netherland says:

    Vitamin-C is the cheapest anti-oxidant anti-cancer compound that you can get. ..

    <a href="Newest short article on our very own blog

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