Cumin: rev up your fat-burner metabolism with cumin

I thought we’d take a break from the minerals and such and cover some spices the next couple of weeks. Cumin has been traditionally used as an herbal remedy. Rich in iron, it helps stimulate secretion of enzymes of the pancreas, which can help absorb nutrients into the system. Also its high iron concentration helps with lactation and anemia. Other great benefits:

  • anti-carogenic properties
  • help with flatulence, indigestion, diarrhea, nausea, morning sickness and atonic dyspepsia
  • believed to relieve symptoms of the common cold, due to its antiseptic properties
  • can be applied to the skin to help salve boils
  • increases heat, making a more efficient metabolism
  • thought to boost immunity
  • help with insomnia
  • help with respiratory disorders (such as asthma and bronchitis)

Cumin could make a great assist to any fat-burner meal (see how above it helps with metabolism). For more on our fat-burner programs check out our website at

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