Alert: Contest Winner

Our winner Jade, last year performing 100 lb Turkish Get-up

We would like to congradulate our February Fat-Burner month contest winner Jade Toon! Here is his story that he shared with us:

When I started Body Change in 2008, I weighed 270 pounds. I lost over 35 pounds during my first six months on the Body Change program. I am now down to 200 pounds and would like to lose another 20 pounds by summer.

One of the best things about Body Change is the people. They work with you and encourage you during the hard times and celebrate with you when you have success.  I have struggled with my weight for the past 12 years. My weight was always fluctuating up and down.  Programs in the past would work as long as I stayed on it; but as soon as I would stray, the weight would come back with the addition of five or more pounds.  Since I have been working with the Body Change team, I no longer have that problem. The Body Change eating plan is a way of life for me now and it’s easy.  My workouts are less than 30 minutes every-other day.  This is something I know I can do the rest of my life. 

I saved the best part for last.  Last year my daughter Macy fractured a bone in her thumb in a softball game three to four months before her senior season at Terre Haute South.  She and I did the 84 day program together to rebuild her hand before the season started.  She had one of her best years at bat, hitting nine home runs and setting a new school record.  She now plays for Wabash Valley Lady Warriors in Mt Carmel, Illinois.  I know the Body Change team played a big part in her recovery and making her stronger than she was before her injury.


Jade Toon

Thank you Jade this makes us feel great, keep up the good work! Jade won: a yearly membership, box of Oh Yeah! Bars, 60 capsule fish oil, small bottle of EVOO, Coconut oil, 12 body analysis and a cookbook.

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