Featured Food Nut Butter

Monday we gave a guide of nuts and talked about the benefits of nuts, so today we’ll discuss the benefits of nuts butter (this should be kind of refresher). Nuts can be enjoyed whole, as oil (notably macadamia and almond), as milk (almond, coconut), flour (coconut and almond), as well as in butter form. Nut butter is just plain yummy, plus it’s quick and easy. I personally carry almond and sunflower seed butter, but they make practically every nut into a butter (cashew, pecan, walnut, macadamia, sesame (also see tahini), and pistachio). Here’s why to enjoy nut butter:

  • are good sources of many nutrients, including calcium, protein, fiber, zinc, vitamin E, folic acid, magnesium and potassium 
  • contain phytochemicals which protect against cancer and other diseases
  • contain EPA (eicosapentaeoic acid) which helps lower blood pressure as well as increase good cholesterol while lowering bad cholesterol
  • provide essential fatty acids, which are not manufactured by the body but are required for removal of toxins at the cellular level 
  • contain tryptophan, an amino acid which helps regulate sleep cycles; sleep is essential for maintenance and repair within the body

Something that I found interesting about macadamia nut butter, in particular, was that it contains palmitoleic acid. This speeds up the body’s ability to metabolize fat. Nuts are conducive to weight loss, so either make your own or buy some, but tomorrow we’ll have different recipes for you to enjoy!

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