Macular Degeneration: lose weight to decrease your risks

Macular degeneration is a condition often associated with aging. It is the number one cause of vision loss and blindness for those 65 and older. Over 1.75 million Americans suffer from it and this nuber is expected to double by  2020, so needless to say it is an expanding problem. No one wants to grow older and loss there sense of vision! It is the degeneration of the macula (well duh!). The macula is the portion of the retina in charge of sharp, central vision that is needed for such things as reading and driving (which could explain part of the cliche that the elderly are bad drivers-they can’t see!). AMD can be classified as either wet (neovascular) or dry (non-neovascular). Dry degeneration is the early stage, resulting from aging/thinning of the macular tissues, depositing of pigment in the macula, or a combination of the two processes. They believe that the spots are deposits or debris from the deteriorating tissue. Some 10% with this have it progress to wet degeneration-the more severe and damaging form of the disease. New blood vessels grow under the retina and leak blood and fluid. This causes permanent damage, where the cells die and create blind spots. Wet can be further broken down into 2 classifications: occult and classic (the more severe). Age-related degeneration is normally a slow and painless process of vision loss. Signs are clearly, fuzzy or distorted vision. Risk factors?

  • heredity
  • age
  • high blood pressure
  • smoking
  • lighter eye color
  • obesity/inactivity

What gets me is that over half of these risk factors are controllable. Those pesky bad habits and that extra weight that pops up on pretty much every disease risk factor list are all life choices.What to do? Become a fat-burner and decrease your body fat so that obesity and lifestyle no longer need to put you at risk for all of these diseases! For more information on our programs and weight loss visit our website at

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