Contest Alert: Number Challenge

I realized the last cooking class that a lot of clients weren’t grasping the fat-burner concept because most didn’t have the right answer when I asked them how many fats a day they were on. So now I’m challenging you! Without looking, tell me how many fats a day you’re on. Simply comment below. Winner selected at random (given that person has the right number). Since this is the first contest we’ll keep it short. Contest ends the 5th at midnight. Winner announced on the 6th, will be allowed to select a box of their favorite Oh Yeah! bars (or mix and match a box.

What: comment on your # of daily fats

When: today through the 5th at midnight

Prize: box of Oh Yeah! bars

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8 Responses to Contest Alert: Number Challenge

  1. Jessica Minnich says:

    More than 40gram Or more.

  2. jill ely says:

    50 or more a day

  3. Terese Jones says:

    40 or slightly more

  4. Ronda Voorhees says:

    More than 40 a day. I have been following your fat burner program for close to 2 weeks. I do not cheat at all. I have lost 15 pounds so far. I do take fish oil and the olive oil like you direct. I plan on buying your products soon as I know they work best. I have tried many diets as after having my last baby (my 4th) the extra weight has been stubborn. With this fat burner plan my weight is just flying off my body especially my stomach. Thank you!!! I wish I lived closer I would be attending all the wonderful classes you offer.

  5. Michel Starkey says:

    More than 40

  6. Brenda Starkey says:

    more than 40

  7. Lauren Hutcheson says:

    More than 40 grams of fat a day

  8. Kelly Brown says:

    40+….. If I a being good 😉

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