Glucosinolates: eat your broccoli to protect against cancer

Veggies of the Brassica family tend to be very popular on this blog; we’ve covered most of them on a featured food. With good reason too! They a sulfur compounds, glucosinolates, which have stolen the spotlight in food research. These include (turnips, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, and radishes). It’s these compounds that give these foods their strong flavour. Glucosinolates studies have shown they help boost protection of certain cancers:

  • lung
  • rectal
  • colon
  • stomach

They work by eliminating cancer causing toxins and helping destroy cancerous cells. Also aids in detoxifying the liver. Cooking changes the properties of glucosinolates, so a diet varied in raw in cooked is best for the maximum benefits. Eat your Broccoli!

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