Low Fat Trend of the 1970s: aiding in obesity and heart disease

Today I’ve decided to continue the trend of human eating trends (light and agriculture’s effects on eating) with the low-fat trends of the 1970s that really put the nail in the coffin so to speak. In doing further research I found an analogy that I truly loved, instead of trying to say it I’ll just post it here because it’s to perfect:

We have adopted a nutritional belief system that demonizes fat with the fervor of religious zealotry. It is a faith we practice daily, making fat-free food choices with a numbing sense of duty that approaches fundamentalist fanaticism. We pray to a pantheon of saints, the celebrity idols of pop culture given to us by the entertainment and fashion industries. Their perfect bodies and blissful lives are a constant reminder to us that we are less and they are more. We learn that salvation and thin thighs are reserved for the true believer in a fat-free lifestyle. And so we blindly submit our bodies, our minds, and our spirits to this belief and in a misguided act of love, we sacrifice our children’s future upon the alter of our faith. Lighting our way along the path of righteousness and fat-free living is the dietary priesthood, a cabal of ecclesiastics drawn from the pharmaceutical, medical, food, and government industries. They are our prophets, and profit they do, upon the pyre of our collective ignorance. In time, we succumb to the ravages of a lifestyle shaped by our beliefs. Obesity, heart disease, diabetes, the plagues of modern man befall us, and yet, we soldier on, obediently offering up prayers of supplication against the evil of dietary fat, while we medicate ourselves into oblivion. In the end, in spite of our piety and selfless adherence to the tenets of the faith, we have ultimately become the very thing we despise the most, namely, fat. Ours is a tragic tale, but it was not always this was.

I love this it is right on. We haven’t always viewed fat as evil, hell people used to cook with lard and butter. In the 70’s heart disease numbers were beginning to rise. It was hypothesised that elevated cholesterol was to blame (check last weeks post on cholesterol). Thus started the notion that cholesterol and fat were the culprits of heart disease, without any real research into it (we all know that chronic inflammation was causing the rise in cholesterol and is the true problem). We went the wrong directions, and health organizations and food manufacturers jumped on the van wagon and we strayed further from the path of wellness and grew fatter instead. What sucks is that the truth was out there with publications like: “Calories Don’t Count” and “The Doctors Quick Guide to Weight Loss” advised a high fat, high protein,mm and low carb diet. Unfortunately there voices were muffled and we went the opposite direction. Manufacturers and advertisers took advantage of the low-fat trend. We replaced our mostly whole foods eating past with convenient processed foods with unrecognizable ingredients. The government gave generously to agricultural subsidies that ensured supplies of sugary goods, like pop. Instead of butter and lard, we began using margarine and vegetable shortening (so the fats that we were getting were less quality and actually a new evil of trans-fats was created). We totally screwed ourselves switching from a quality fat diet, to one laden with high carbohydrates that are sugary and starchy.  We added more fuel to the fire by introducing the food guide pyramid in 1992. Still worse was the sedentary trend, where we were always on the go, eating foods on the go in the car that were higher calorie and poor in nutrients. What do they usually recommend to go with these ridiculous low-fat eating lifestyles. Exercise became trendy in the 80’s and now most think they need to go work out for hours or run miles at a time in order to lose weight. We’ve ended up losing muscle and increasing the fat with all the bad advice that we received in the 70’s and 80’s. What to do? Adopt the Body Change lifestyle

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