Benefits of Goal Setting: how goal setting can help you live the life you desire

Tis the season for goal setting, or resolution setting, as it is about to be the start of the new year. As we close the chapter on 2010, most people have their eyes set on 2011 and ways for self-improvement. Often times these resolutions don’t last or people try to extend themselves too far, but there are benefits to setting goals:

  • help you to discover your own personal uniqueness
  • focuses on the positive
  • they add to the excitement of life
  • help make better decisions
  • help you live life the way you want
  • brings out the best in oneself
  • provides a sense of purpose
  • help overcome obstacles to success

Like I said many dream of succeeding, but few actually change (I see this all the time in my program, these commitments to weight loss). I liked the analogy I found comparing goals to sports- imagine a football game without a goal post- most would play the game of life, running up and down the field without ever scoring. How clever and true is that. There are several reasons why people fail:

  • goals are not specific
  • no regular measure of progress (this is why I tell people to get on the scale and don’t avoid it, you have to be accountable)

I think that excuses is the main excuse people give. I hear it all the time: I’m too busy, it’s to hard, etc. It’s a load of crap that people unleash to take blame off of themselves for their lives being the way they are, rather than taking responsibility for their own actions. Fear and excuses against change is what causes failures, soon I’ll be doing a post on Excuses Begone, but I recommend everyone reading it (it’s insightful, enlightening, and life-changing). Like I said in the beginning goal setting is beneficial, the end result is what we’re after. In my business I think it’s important to set goals (realistic and healthy goals- losing 10 pounds in 2 weeks is not healthy) and give up excuses so that change can actually happen. So go ahead set your resolutions and live the life that you dream!

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