Featured Foods: Duck and Goose, a good source of monounsaturated fats

I’ll keep it short today, but for those of you who don’t know- it’s goose and duck season. I’ve spent the last couple of weeks talking to farmers and setting up locations and taking my buddies Mike and Jim out hunting. Some may think of goose as a Christmas dish or duck as some weird European delicacy. There are more to these birds than one might think. I always like to give an array of protein options, since I’ve heard before ‘well what else am I supposed to eat for protein, more chicken’. Well here is another option, some wildfowl. Like any wild game it is an excellent source of lean protein. Three ounces of duck has only 120 calories, 23 proteins, and 2 fats. Duck and goose are also an excellent source of:

  • iron
  • selenium
  • niacin

The fat from these birds is excellent as well, so save some and use it like you would olive or coconut oils. It’s semi-solid at room temperature and has a whooping 52% monounsaturated fat (olive oil has 75) and only 13% polyunsaturated. The fat is prized in European frying. Another great thing is that the fat has a high smoke point (unlike olive oil, who’s nutrients cook out at high temperatures) and unlike butter and extra virgin olive oil it can be recycled. Don’t forget about the eggs. Slightly larger than a chicken egg, duck eggs are a great alternative for people who have an allergy for chicken eggs. They do have more fat (which is necessarily a bad thing, since we are fat burners- more energy) and is comparable on nutritious content (eggs are very nutritious, you’ll remember from one of my former posts). They do have more albumen, which is the protein in the whites. If you can get your hands on some duck or goose I would highly recommend it, tomorrow I’ll post some possible recipes, but I personally like to make goose jerky and yesterday I made some Italian beef style with garlan masala. Happy Holidays!

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