Benefits of Socializing: improve brain function with a 10 minute conversation

Socializing helps with cognitive function

The holidays are here, with just a few days left before Christmas and New Years next weekend. I’ve already discussed how important family is this time of year, but so are friends and socializing (don’t you want to ring in the New year with your closest friends). That’s why today’s article focuses on the benefits of being social. Do we really wanted to be lonely-isolated-hermits? Honestly how appealing does that sound! Believe it or not interacting with your fellow human beings is good for your health, especially your brain. the University of Michigan have been doing studies that demonstrate the cognitive importance of socializing. They have found that engaging in 10 minutes of friendly conversation can impact executive function. Executive function takes into consideration:

  • working memory
  • self-monitoring
  • ability to suppress external and internal distractions

It’s comparable for doing for your brain what a puzzle does. One thing to note was that competitive conversation did nothing, except for when they structured so that the other person’s perspective was taken into consideration. This shows the boosts may come from conversations where a person tries to read the others mind and decipher their perspective on issues. Very interesting stuff! Some other benefits to socializing:

  • Better relationships with other human beings
  • greater ability to make friends and have a social life
  • relief from insecurity, loneliness, poor self-esteem, and shyness
  • better career chances
  • more capable to succeed in the world, since social interactions are required for most things (although technology is changing the game of socializing)

What to do? Go out and make new friends. Have a 10 minute conversation with someone; your brain will thank you for it!

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