Featured Food: Avocado

Ah avocado, one of my favorite fat source. Feared by the ignorant, who wane at its high fat content. What they don’t realize is that its full of the right fats- monounsaturated. Oleic acid found in the monounsaturated fat lowers LDL levels, while increasing HDL. Oleic acid has been shown to prevent breast cancer. Avocados are great for other cancers as well. They inhibit the growth of prostate cancer and seek out pre- cancerous and cancerous oral cells and destroy them without harming healthy cells. They are a good source of potassium, which regulates blood pressure. Contains tremendous amounts of folate that decreases the risk of heart attacks and heart disease. Excellent source antioxidants. Contains gluthione, an antioxidant important to preventing aging, cancer, and heart disease. Also a great source of vitamin E that protects the body from disease and is beneficial to overall health. Lutein (something we mentioned with almonds) is found in avocado and protects against macular degeneration and cataracts. Try eating it with veggie or in a big salad because it helps to increase the ability to absorb health promoting cartenoids (by as much as 5 times) that vegetables contain. Tune in tomorrow when I’ll bring you some of my favourite avocado recipes.

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