Avon local makes her weight loss Transformation

Glamour Photo shoot taker

We were so excited to have a glamour photo shoot this past month for our Avon client, Mary Ellen. I sit here preaching about Wellness and health tips, but transformation is my main objective.  Applying what I teach to decrease body fat in order to reduce health risks, for a long functioning life. I would say that 90% of don’t follow the program or make the necessary changes to make a change. That’s why I love that 10% that actually do it. Mary Ellen is that 10% and leaving the photo shoot reaffirmed the benefits of my job. That’s the fun stuff, that’s rewarding and makes it worthwhile. Like I said, we were so pleased with Mary Ellen’s efforts and were overjoyed to take her to sushi to celebrate (just something small that we could do for her, after all she’s done and what she and her pictures will continue to do for us and others looking for inspiration in the future). Enough by me, here is what Mary Ellen had to say to our questions about her change:
Q: when did you start your transformation and why?
A: I went to Las Vegas and needed a new swim suit. I felt like I needed a suit with a skirt to hide under. I weighed 149- my top weight prior to delivering my children.  It was time to take steps towards a healthier weight. I had been going to the gym at least 3 times a week doing an hour of cardio or weight lifting and seeing a personal trainer weekly. I also frequently attended a circuit training class. This was my routine for nearly 4 years but I was not having the success I desired.  I saw many women in my community changing.  Their midsection was what caught my eye. They were members of Body Change. I decided to learn more. I met Jim.
Q: how much weight did you lose/ body fat %/ sizes?
A: I lost 5 lbs prior to joining Body Change. On 5/17/10 I weighed in at 144.2 with a lean body mass of 96.6 and a body fat percentage of 33.1. The day of the photo shoot 10/14/10 I weighed 122.1 with a lean mass of 95.7 and a body fat percentage of 21.6. I need to go shopping for new pants!
Q: what has the transformation meant to you?
A: I am proud of myself. I feel better. I feel stronger. I look healthier. I have a healthier body.
Q: how has it changed your self- perspective/ self confidence?
A: I am more confident in all aspects of my life.
Q: how has this changed your views of health and Wellness?
A: before coming to Body Change I tried to consume a very low fat diet so trying to get my fats in was a new concept for me. I noticed that if I wasnt getting my fats in or the 5th protein meal that my muscle mass would dip.
Q: advice on achieving Wellness and making a transformation?
A: I really liked the concept of having a goal date for completion of the program. I wanted the date so that I could use it as a countdown to achieve my goals.  I like trying new vegetables and eating a variety of them.
Q: how did you celebrate the end of your program?
A: with a photo shoot and sushi! I went off my eating program for 2 weeks, got sick,  felt exhausted,  sluggish,  my face and fingers were puffy and swollen. I felt bloated. I am back on the program and I am feeling healthy again.
Q: future plans and goals?
A: my goals are to stay with the program, to continue to change and become stronger. I would like to gain strength and be able to lift heavier weights and see my aerobic endurance increase.

  Again congratulations Mary Ellen; we love having you in our Body Change community. Let her be an example to those trying to change. Check her transformation at both our Body Change locations.  We can’t wait for the next 10 percenter and photo shoot!

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