Terre Haute locals Performing Kettlebell Max Lifts


Paul 65 lbs


Pam 40 lbs


Alex 40 lbsAmber 35 lbsGary 106 lbs


Annette 60 lbs


Dr. Sharifi 45 lbs

We’re so proud our Terre Haute clients for showing their muscles and strength yesterday with their Turkish get up Max. Robin Turner (not pictured) started it off with 55 lbs. The first picture is Paul, way to go! 65 lbs an increase from 60 lbs last month. Next Pam used 40lbs for the first time and did a great job. Alex is only in her second week and put up 40 lbs her first time, what a great start. Amber was right behind her (only on her second week too) with 35 lbs. Gary has the current gym weight with 106 lbs; next month 110 (he could have done it if we would have done it first). Tremendous job! Annette was finally able to conquer the 60lber on second attempt,  way to go! Lastly Dr Susan Shdrifi tried 45 for the first time, she didn’t complete it but made it the furthest she ever had by making it to her knee. Spectacular job everyone! Next month on 18th we look forward to some more records and video footage. In two weeks (November 10) it will be the Avon locations turn to shoe us what they’re made up. Read our past posts on Lifting Heavy and Strength Training for Women.

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