Special Adventure: Rock Climbing

BC employee Brittany

Hello blog world, my name is Brittany (daughter of Jim and Body Change employee) and I will be presenting today’s guest blog. Notorious for not standing still and wanting to try everything, I thought that rock climbing would be a fun adventure to try this pass weekend, and as this blog is dedicated to health, I thought it’d be fun to write a piece on a different kind of exercise and fun. I stick to my usual workout routine, but I like to spice it up every once in awhile, plus play is one of my father’s promotions so it was a good way to combine fun and exercise. One of my Avon clients told me about an indoor climbing facility he’d been to and it sounded right up myalley, so I invited my friend Elizabeth to go in November. My mom thought it sounded like fun, though, so we decided to make a Girls trip of it on Saturday, and I got to practice before taking my friends. So we headed out: my mom, sister Amanda, cousin Angelica (who had the unfair advantage of being a gymnast), and my aunt Gina. Amanda was the only one with some experience, so the rest of us were all climbing virgins, having no clue what we’re doing. We started off with a lesson, which we obviously didn’t retain because on the first wall I ended up dangling in the air because my lovely so-called professional sister left me dangling at the top. We got the hang of it eventually; after we remembered that me and mom were afraid of heights. It was fun once we stayed with flat walls (those inclines are rough!) and the pegs with black tape, that gave us a comfortable foot and hand group. Not only was it a good bonding experience, but a good workout. We all left able to feel the impact of scaling those walls, not only in our biceps, but forearms, hands and shoulders.  You could definitely see were our kettlebell helped with our training, aiding us with better grip and forearms strength, we were able to propel ourselves up the wall with ease, eventually. Our course we did it all barefoot (check out our vibrams in the pictures). Other benefits to indoor climbing:

  • strength

    Angelica scaling the challenging blue wall

  • endurance
  • power
  • flexibility
  • skill
  • body awareness
  • mental challenge

So not only is it fun, but it’s also rewarding. I think that the mental challenge is one of the most important aspects. Like I said, I’m afraid of heights, so I had to overcome that little voice inside my head saying ‘Get down Brittany I don’t like this, this is scary.’ I fought through my own challenge and making it up to the

I made it to the top!

top the first time was so rewarding. It boosts your self-confidence and you a natural high from all those endorphins flowing through your brain. Now I’m hooked, I’m going in 2 weeks with friends and we’ve planned a family trip with dad and my brother-in-law Todd. The purpose of today’s blog: get out and try something new. Challenge yourself. Workouts don’t have to be only physical, but fun!

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