Kicking the Sugar Habit: How to be happier and healthier without sugar

Here are some tips to overcoming your possible sugar addiction, that we discussed yesterday. By ridding your body of sugar not only will your waistline melt, but you will no longer be controlled by your cravings for sweets and your mind will be clearer and focused.

What you can do:

  • Remove all sugar from your house (even your kids treats, if you don’t need it you don’t want to poison your kids with it either).
  • Banish packaged and processed foods (they’re usually loaded with sugar). Instead look for foods in whole form, like a piece of fruit (rather than drinking fruit juice).
  • Drink plenty of water. Some mistake dehydration for hunger.

    You may be dehydrated not hungry, grab some water

  • Eat protein at each meal. Protein digests slower than simple carbohydrates and leave you full longer.
  • Give up your favorite sweet for 3 weeks. Your tastes will change and your craving for sweets won’t be as strong.
  • Resist impulse snacking. Don’t think about it for 15 minutes and the craving will subside.
  • If you’re going to a social event that may be tempting, pack your own food or eat before hand.
  • l-glutamine supplimentation may reduce cravings
  • Get emotional support. Make others aware of what you’re trying to do, so they can encourage you and keep you accountable. Making them aware that this is a problem for you and that you need their help will make them less likely to try

    Get emotional support from friends and family to help you overcome your addiction

    and shove that piece of pie in your face (hopefully! if they truly care about you they will).

  • Keep healthy snacks when a craving comes. Nibble on some celery or grab some almonds.

With my program I’ve learned that by bandishing sugar (one of the three programs), that cravings to subside. I make sure to get my feel of vegetables, that fill me up and leave me less cravings. The same is true with a high fat diet. The sugar urges subside, and when you do go over to the dark side and eat that slice of cheesecake, it doesn’t taste nearly as good, and you’ll end up paying for it later (feeling sick or nausea later). So what are you waiting on, kick your sugar habit today!

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