Vacation Edition: Paulin tips for healthy travel

As most of you know my family and I are leaving for vacation for a week. Me, my wife (Susan), two daughters (Amanda and Brittany), son-in-law (Todd), and two grandsons (Trenton and Gavin) are going to be in Cape San Blas. I have daily blogs planned (summer and sun editions), so make sure to stay tuned to learn how to travel healthy. Proper planning and preparedness is key. Check out our pictures on packing. Coming later this week we’ll show you exercising on the beach (for all ages, Gavin has his 4 lbs. kettlebell packed already). We’ll be travelling through the night, so most of them will be sleeping, but Saturday we’re staying at a hotel in Alabama so we won’t arrive in Florida until Sunday to grocery shop for fresh fish (once we’ve shopped though I’ll make sure to post a picture of what we got for the week and the frig). We’ve already packed Oh-yeah boxes and shakes, as easy to grab meals. We’ve also packed fruit, for bowls in the morning, and egg muffins (check out the recipe in the archives). Can’t forget the fish oil and olive oil too (never miss a day of fish oil)! Not to mention the kettlebells we’ve packed! I’ve got my 60 lbs. bell, Britt has 45 (although it was supposed to be a 50 but someone bought it!), Sue a 30, and Gavin’s 4 lbs. We are ready to hit the road (I’ve got my Dr. Dyer on MP3) we’ve got plenty of food and we’ve got our bells, we are ready for some time in the sun! Florida here we come.

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