Cabbage Lasagna

Great at family functions

What’s in it:

  • Head of Cabbage blanch the leafs
  • Ragu Sauce or can use salsa
  • Ground Meat (Turkey, Chicken, Lean Beef, Pork)
  • 2% Cheese (I prefer Kraft Natural 4 Blend Italian )
  • Olive Oil,
  • Italian Seasoning, and any other seasoning you want
  • Mushrooms and Garlic (optional)

How to make it: 

Brown your meat and add just enough Ragu to wet the meat. You can add your seasonings to meat mixture or wait till the next step. Layer 9×13 pan with Cabbage or Zucchini brush with Olive Oil. (add seasonings now if you did not use in meat mixture) Add a layer of meat mixture & cover with cheese. Repeat until you can have 3-4 Layers. Bake at 350 until mixture is bubbling and cheese in golden. For rolls just stuff the cabbage leafs, put in pan & pour sauce on top.

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